[box_header]Pulse Gold Membership (Tenants Only)[/box_header]


Pulse Gold Membership is available to people who are tenants at The Waterfront (shown in the map below).


Membership fees are payable via Pulse’s direct debit service provider, EziDebit ( Membership fees are deducted fortnightly from either a bank or credit card account.

To sign up for your Pulse Gold Membership, you will need to come to the Pulse Club front desk with:

  • Photograph identification
  • Proof of Residency (i.e. a copy of your lease)
  • Completed Pulse membership forms
  • Signed EziDebit Direct Debit Request Form with “Your details” and “Choose your payment method” sections completed.

Pulse Gold Membership consists of:

  • $25 joining fee
  • $2.20 direct debit joining cost
  • $11.45 per week, payable fortnightly

Membership can be cancelled at any time, with two weeks notice.

Your Pulse Gold Membership will be set up for the period of your lease. Once the lease expires, you will need to re-present proof of residency. In the case where your lease rolls over to a month-to-month lease, then the membership duration will be set to three months and you will need to re-present proof of residency (e.g. via utilities bill)

This information is correct as at 24 March 2016. Pulse Club reserves the right to change terms and conditions of membership at any time.