Di is the current Pulse Club General Manager. After running her own business as professional photographer for 17 years, Di has dived into her new career as a Personal Trainer with a strong passion and drive to help others achieve their goals. Di’s love of fitness started in 2009 when she lost 11kg’s and started to enjoy fitness. In 2010 Di hired a personal trainer to help her prepare for the gruelling Kokoda Track in PNG. After Kokoda, Di began training for her 1st half marathon, she’s now completed many half marathons, marathons and ultra’s including North face 50, six foot track and 12 hour endurance events. “I always feel fortunate when someone picks me to be their personal trainer, sharing their unique journey towards their goals, watching them become stronger both physically and mentally is a privilege”

Di also instructs Functional Fit, Women’s resistance and stretch and core at Pulse

Email: di@pulselife.com.au


  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Conditioning and Muscle Toning
  • Improve Overall Fitness
  • Personal Programming
  • Running preparation / training
    and programmes for any distance including marathon and ultra’s
  • Pulse Instructor – Functional Fit, Women’s Resistance, Stretch and Core Instructor


  • Certificate III and IV – Fitness
  • Fundamentals of Kettle Bells Level 1
  • Functional Mobility
  • Rehab FX (To asses and apply correctional exercises to help strengthen and correct any weak areas)
  • Punchfit Boxing Level 1
  • Metafit Coach (High Intensity Cardio/Body Weight)
  • HIRT Level 1 (High Intensity Resistance Training)