Swim School

Welcome to Pulse Swimming School. This is a community minded venture offering swimming school programs to residents of The Waterfront Estate. Our classes begin at 6 months of age and include two adult levels.

We believe that swimming is an essential part of all children’s learning, growth and development. From early stages of water familiarisation in our beginners’ classes to stroke development, we would love to see all children and adults competent in the water.

New to Pulse Swim?

If your child has not undertaken swimming lessons at Pulse Swimming School previously, please contact us. Your child may need an assessment to determine which level they should enrol in. Please DO NOT enrol your child until you know the correct level for them.

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We have a team of experienced instructors that understand that not all children are the same. Some children take a little longer to build confidence and develop their stroked than others. Our instructors understand how to develop skills at the pace that is right for your child.

Swimming for Summer

Our classes are kept small. This is important as it means your child will have more individual time with their instructor which will increase their opportunities to learn. Small classes also help children to stay attentive as they are not waiting a long time for their turn or getting cold.

We are very proud of our Swimming School. We hope that everyone participating no matter their age can gain valuable skills that will keep them safe throughout their lives and feel more confident in the water.

Please find the relevant links below. For any help with which level to put your child in or for any other enquiries please email admin@pulselife.com.au, call us on 9647 4333 or drop by Pulse reception.