Here at Pulse we strive to be the best influence that we can, of course including health and fitness but also beyond! By participating in recycling and donation events within our community we can help others, strengthen the community, protect the environment and bring a positive change to the world. Some of the regular initiatives we participate in and promote at Pulse include:

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Nespresso pod recycling

After noticing how many Nespresso users have deliveries to the gym our Manager Di decided it was time to organise a way for our members to easily recycle their coffee pods. Since then, we have collected more than 50000 aluminium pods and counting! These pods have been delivered back to Nespresso as part of a comprehensive program which turns the coffee into compost and recycles the aluminium to give it a second life. The Nespresso Recycling Bin is located by the front entry for your convenience.

Animal Shelter Donations

At Pulse we have a very big soft spot for all our four-legged friends. We regularly do donation runs to local animal shelters to help the animals with a comfortable and soft place to rest while they wait for their forever homes. If you have any towels, blankets, bedding or toys that you would like to donate please keep an eye out on our Facebook page as we will post all shelter donation plans there. It is amazing to see what a big impact our community can make!

Smith Family Christmas Appeal

Sadly, many children living in financial disadvantage will not receive a gift at Christmas. But not if we can help it! At Pulse we host a toy and book gift collection every year and what a wonderful community we are, there is always an amazing response! One of our generous members has donated a Christmas tree, so when you see it go up in November please bring in an unwrapped gift to donate. Your children are very welcome to get involved and come inside to place it under the tree. Let’s help put a smile on a child’s face at Christmas.